Christmas Time


As the year comes to an end we all find ourselves comenting on how fast the year went by. Well for me it isn’t about how fast it went by but how much fun I had.  This year I started my blog, had my party, visited the VOGUE offices, went to a Wes Gordon show, and on top of that had the most amazing vacations ever. It was a great year for me but now lets get to the juiciness of the year. CHRISTMAS SHOPPING

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, probably because I am the only person to which it is soothing and relaxing. My guilty pleasures on the holidays are watching cooking shows (yeah Im like a 60 year old fat lady) and of course shopping. I cook with my mom and often have dinner on the 24th with all f my family, from both my mother and dads side. We are about 20 and it can get a little crazy but we always have fun. As I live in Argentina we have lots of salads and ice cream. We gather together on the 24th and have at 12 am sharp “Santa Claus” (often some uncle with lots of cousins)  comes and leaves the gifts. We open them trying to guess what they are. Everything from Christmas is awsome like decorating the tree or opening the gifts

But around his time of the year people become stressed and run around looking for what to buy to their relatives, “Will he like this? Is it to expensive?” or the cooking “Should I cook? Should I just order a caterer? How many people will eat?’ Well the world becomes this huge craziness and the only people who are safe from it are people which live in islands. 


Christmas shopping is probably one of the most difficult things to do, specially when they are for people you care about. Candels from Dyptique or Books from Assouline are often a very good options, they are almost always liked by everyone.

Dressing up for the holidays is not at all hard too. Try dressing accordiong to theme like a little white dress, it can also be red, gold, silver but try to keep it as simple as possible in order to be able to enjoy and have fun dancing and singing.


So the key to success in this holidays is relaxing and having fun  since gifts may come and go but memories are forever. Enjoy your time with your family and think about all of the good things that have happened and forget the bad parts which will only hurt you. Take a break and stay away from the gossip and computer, like I will do and just try to see what matters most to you. 

Love and Happy Holidays

The End Of The Show Of Our Lives

So… Gossip Girl has ended and I really don’t know what to do with myself. I mean it was what made my Modays bearable. Good God help me now! With its ups and downs this show had a perfect end, fit for their cultural impact. 


Serena- The Forever IT Girl

This is my GG Memoir. Gossip Girl was more than just a show, being a late bloomer I started watching it just as season 4 started and was instantly trapped by the faboulosity of this amazing show. Everything seemed so glamorous I was captivated by the parties, champagne and of course, the clothes. It marked my life and I was inspired by this show in many ways. It made me realize how much I acctually loved fashion. I fell absolutely in love with Blair and Serena’s gowns throughout the show (specially in the finale).


Blair- The Only Crazy Bitch

It was a cultural show. It was not just about the acting which many can debate on. This show had an amazing cultural impact. From introducing artists into the scene, like in the second season with the ghost artist which was called Aaron Rose. Then there was the music, introducing thousands of bands Gossip Girl’s music played a huge role in the show. It made everything that much more glamorous. As I say music can break or make a show, in this case it made it. There are thousands of bands I found thanks to Gossip Girl like The Mynabirds and The Great Northern. It also had a huge fashion impact, girls just like when Sex and the City appeared could relate to either Blair or Serena. Both characters became fashion icons. 


Nate- All American Boy

Now lets talk about boys!!! I mean how hot are these guys. But they also dressed in gorgeous suits and showed how you can be fashionable and confident without loosing masculinity.  They were the ultimate trendsetters of menswear. Like, Nate Archibald was rocking the man bangs way before JB. And Chuck Basses outfits were the best throught the show.


Dan- The Insider

Although many times the show exaggerated the perks of being an Upper East Siders, we can’t deny we all were attracted to the drama and passion this show had. They were the perfect group and had the perfect ration of excitment in their life. 


Chuck The Original Bad Boy

I am a Gossip Girl for life and I will love this show forever and I will continue to be inspired by it since it was so amazing. I mean I always loved the style of every girl and it’s true. It was like a magazine were girls could check out new trends. Hope something like this comes back to TV one day.



Dressed to Kilt

The genius of Lagerfeld has once again amazed and amused us. Chanel’s pre-fall collection was ravishing and managed to surprise us being a complete opposite of this years summer collection.

Inspired by Coco’s affaire with the Duke of Westminster and the time they spent in Scotland this show was a huge success. The venue chosen was so powerful and meaningful it made the collection flourish, it was the Linlithgow Palace were Queen Mary was born seven hundred years ago. With Natures blessing (the snow) and the perfect clothes this show touched the souls of anyone present. 

What I loved most about this show is how they managed to successfully portray the Renaissance in Scotland without making it look old and boring. It had a new turn, the knits the skirts and the flat boots all had a strong impact on making the looks modern and fresh yet they held a certain uniqueness since you could picture a queen wearing this. The powerful reds in the knits were one of my favorite things. I liked the masculinity of the shape and the ladylike embellishments which made this show so special. It was the toughness of the Scotish mixed with the delicacy and  ”je ne se quoi” that merged to make perfect pieces. I was hypnotized by the last looks which looked so gorgeous. The fact that flats were used made everything that much more Chanel, it was perfection, it was a decision that really helped the public build this image of old Scotland. What I loved most about this show was the fact that I felt it was back to basics Chanel, a Chanel I very deeply missed

Sooo… I was thinking of making my next post on something like… Summer Secrets for hair but then I came across this. Disney and Barneys is one of the most brilliant videos I’ve seen. I mean Goofy in Balmain  and Minnie in Lanvin how to die for is that?  The portrayal of the characters in the fashion industry, like Carine Roitfield and Daphne Guinness watching a Disney show was magnifique!

Not to long ago I was a Disney girl till I switched from Disney costumes to Theyskens party dresses yet this video reminded me of how the little girl and the who I am now are 1.  It shows you don’t have to loose the 6 year old in order to be fabulous. Finally the collision of this worlds made me fall in love with this video. Hope you enjoy it

Love, Millie

Summer Secrets

Summer is that time of the year in which we all become more conscious about having beautiful skin and an amazing glow. Of course this is not as easy as it seams. Yet it isn’t impossible. weather your country is entering summer or you are leaving winter due to a school brake this is a routine you won’t want to miss since it is simple and quick. But what I found most interesting about this tips is that it gives you a way to keep your skin healthy, since it involves short periods of tanning that will help you reach the perfect looking tan.

Tanning: not bad when precautions are taken. Remember you are not a snake you should’t shred your skin at the end of the summer

  •   Use sunblock with an spf of 50 in your face nobody likes wrinkles or spots. You need to protect it wisely 
  •  Use sunglasses
  • Use 20 spf or so for your body. Try to avoid tanning lotions if you are going to be in the sun between 12 and 3.
  • Use tanning lotions with spf at least 15.
  • Lay in the sun for short periods. Like 15 minutes each side
  • Tan near a pool in were you can take a break often.
  • Bring a book or some music
  • Use bikinis that are tiny and have a simple shape
  • Have some thermal water near
  • Protect your lips

Brands I like: Avene, Neutrogena, Nivea. All for sunblock. Then for the lips: Burts and Bees or sugar. Tanners: Nivea or Hawaiian tropic.

 Note: I rarely use tanners since my skin turns to tan very easily I recommend you do the same. Don’t over tan, people like a glow not a weird orange walking around like she just came out of the toaster. For oily skins use oil free products and sunblock.


If you are doing it fake:

  • Get it done by the pros
  • No tanning beds. Major cancer source
  • If you cant get it done by the pros. Use a good light and a mirror while applying the self tanner.

After tanning:

  • In the shower use an oily soap. It will keep your skin hydrated ( Loccitane almond oil)
  •  Use a scrub. It will remove dead skin and you will tan better ( Loccitane ultra rich scrub is my ultimate favorite.)
  • Moisturizing cream spread all over your body. This will prevent your skin from drying and loosing its tan. 
  • Lip balm. Lips are the first to burn.
  • Thermal water sprays like Avene are marvelous

For going out:

  • Use oils or moisturizing creams my favorites are: Victoria Secret bombshell x5, your skin will be glowing and Nars oil. I often combine them to get a perfect color.
  •  Use little bronzer on your face and try to make it you color if not it will be as noticeable as a wine stain in a white couch.

What to do If you get a serious burn:

  • Relax and use a lot of aloe vera
  • Use cooling gels
  • Use thermal water sprays
  • Let your skin recover and really protect it.
  • Don’t scrub
  • Use moisturizing creams they are the best.
  • Remember this the next time you tan, infrared rays are actually burning your skin like literally so use high protection.

Other contributing factors for better summer skin

  • Do lots of exercise
  • Drink a lot of water. It will keep your skin moisturized

 I hope you practice this methods and please tell me what you think. I found them pretty useful since they help me get a long lasting yet gradual tan.  Remember always to be careful when tanning and don’t over do it since it will look tacky, it will feel awfull and it may damage your skin.  More on hair and style to come.

I take no credit for the pictures.

LOVE, Millie

Factory Girl

This week I was on spring brake and had absolutely nothing to do. (fun right?) So one night as I lay on my bed watching stuff on TV I came across a movie that I had been dying to seen, but up to now I hadn’t been able due to my age. 

Factory Girl tells the story about Andy Warhol and his muse in the 60’s, Edie Sedgwick. I found the movie to be tres chic but really tough. I mean the story of this fabulous girl is just heartbreaking.

Moving on, to a more positive side, I was astonished by the glamourosity (is that a word?) of this brilliant film. Of course I’m talking about Sienna Miller’s amazing beauty and style.  Sienna Miller channeled perfectly Edie Sedgwick style. What we can’t deny is that Edie Sedgwick was a queen and a total fashion icon. I just loved that way that she moved and talked and made everything sound better when she said it. That short blond hair was the best style I’ve seen in years. The way she used those huge earrings resembling chandeliers, and those leotards, ohh god!

I almost died when I found out it was a real story! I found the movie to be so interesting and so … visually atratictive, even sex looked like art. Lets talk about Hayden Christensen’s character, he was sooo beyond sexy and perfect. 

 I would say I was shocked by how this girl blew everything and how she fucked up instead of talking to someone.  She was, as said by herself, a poor little rich girl. 

Studying Stress

For the past two months I’ve been either touring around the world or studying for my exams, of course that did not give me much time to  update either my blog or to do basically anything. During this past two weeks I’ve been studying hard and eating almost anything that got in my way. Although I must say that it was nice having the freedom of not having to actually go to class, the stress that came with it not so nice.  So I had to come with a plan not to loose my mind. 

First step is facing the truth. The truth was that there was going to be a lot of studying so it was better to face it than to avoid it. 

The second step is to get to know my studying schedule. In my case there is a variation so if I can’t concentrate I will study for short periods changing subjects over 40 minutes and taking 10 minute brakes. 

The third step is to do plenty of sport. I worked out almost everyday, except the last two days the I was sick.  I found that it help get me more focused.

The fourth step is to eat plenty of healthy stuff and some sugar. For example everyday I had for breakfast a banana and a coffee and had some butter sweets in my purse. 

The fifth step is to sleep. Please try to sleep at least eight hours per night. 

The sixth step is to treat yourself. Have some fun, go out with friends or watch a great series. Also try todo some spa-ish stuff for example I make a honey mask, only using honey. I also tried this amazing cream almond scrub great for the body. 

Tan the Tan

Being in Miami Beach for the past days, and in the sun for the past week I have decided to dedicate a post to the famous thing every girl looks for, the so called, “perfect tan”

Having silk and smooth skin doesn’t seem to be the problem now a days, the bigger problem every woman of every age is getting a dark skin tone. For me tanning has always been easy and I really have to do nothing but put sunscreen on my body and enjoy a nice day out in the sun. For other people tanning has become the most important thing in their summers and sometimes winters. Teenage girls often spend hours in the sun, often at midday, in order to get a nice color. Most of them end up red and hurting all over. 

Soaking up in the sun with no sunscreen on is potentially the most dangerous and bad thing you could do to your skin. You leave your skin exposed to UV rays that can eventually cause melanoma, a form of skin cancer. Infrared rays, the rays that tan you, are actually burning your skin (doesn’t sound so attractive now does it?). Another disadvantage is that in the long run you will be left with spots and wrinkles. (not great right). The good thing about this is that melanin gets activated due to this harm.  But by tanning for long hour when the sun is shining at its highest angles with no sunscreen on, can harm you so bad and the worst part is that you are the  one that is guilty for the harm.

Another factor affecting girls of ages between 12 and 30 is that they don’t seem to understand that there are different skin colors. Olive skins tend to tan easily while rosy skins tend to get red easier.  But girls always want to look golden, and many of them can’t because their skin tones won’t do that. I am lucky enough that my skin gets a nice golden color, and it looks good on me. But for girls who can’t get that skin tone easily, don’t try because you will end up burned. Tanning with no sunscreen on will only help you get that so-not-sexy red color all over your body. There is no perfect tan, for each person there is a healthy tan, this color comes from being in the sun for a couple of days with a great spf 50 sunscreen.

I have been in the sun for the past week, I use sunscreen spf 50 yet I got tanned but my skin is all dry and some of it started to fall. It is horrible. Thank fully I saved my skin by using lots of moisturizing cream and stayed away from the sun for a couple of days.

If you want to get a great fake tan don’t even think about a solar bed and do it with sprays and creams. A great perfecting cream is Per-fekt which is expensive yet totally worth it it leaves your smooth and with a touch of color. Be careful though, try to a self tanner with a similar color to that of yours because if you go much darker it will look horrible. This is because nature is smart and those porcelain skins are gorgeous and so beautiful. Usually they are great companions to your hair and eyes. So be smart and embrace your natural color that is probably gorgeous just as it is. So take care and enjoy your summer vacations safely.

Love, Millie 

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So the first part of my vacation has gone by!! St Barts was even better than what I expected. 

St Barts is the most beautiful and chic  little island. Its population is of less than 9.000 but that doesn’t stop it from having the most unique glamour. Walking through Gustavia, in front of the beautiful Caribean Sea, passing through shops like Louis Vuitton and Hermes is one of the most beautiful experiences. The french island in itself is so relaxing and calm you can’t feel stressed. Its cuisine is exquisite and the sea is completely marvelous.

I stayed at the Isle de France hotel, which is super small yet totally modern and hip. It is very intimate which added to the super relaxed feel. The beach in front allowed me to take long walks under the sun, a few runs and to deep in the sea like a little fish. Not to mention they had the most delicious food ever (Im talking homemade granola baby) I love how european people love the feeling of “smallness” or better called “elite” Im so tired of the masses, I don’t want to do what everybody does, I want to be unique. For my fathers birthday we went to the Eden Rock hotel’s restaurant, On the Rocks, were we had some amazing sushi crispy and a fabulous artichoke risotto. Later that week we went back and I had an awesome Brie Cheesburger with Truffle mayonnaise, talk about gourmet! Seriously though I feel like a fat B*itch, I mean I also ate fruit, yogurt and lots off fish, God gurls I need to maintain may bikini bod! Hehe…. We also went to an italian restaurant were we also ate a great dinner, I ate so much Burrata I probably have supplies for one year. 

On top of that I also shopped. I bought a beautiful pair of golden 100% Capri sandals, a cover up camisole, and a pair of sunglasses. The bad thing was that I got tanned, and my skin got really dry. I mean really dry, like my mouth hurts dry. So in the next few days I will to the nearest drugstore here in Miami and buy some lip saver, and a  moisturizer and try to repair this horrible skin of mine.

St Barts look is super beachy yet it is elegant. For the day I used bikinis with sun dresses and at night I chose simple yet very chic outfits like a black ASOS dress and my brand new miumiu heels. You have to be comfortable because it is super hot and you don’t want to be uncomfortable all day.  

Anyways I wish I could go back to St Barts although I have some great days to come in Miami and New York. 



Finally winter brake has arrived. I have done my best and worked hours a day for this much needed vacation. Although I am supposed to study and do homework (which I finished) I am not going to touch anything from school till it starts again. Teachers will just have to deal with it because they are my vacations and as I don’t give you things to correct you shouldn’t give us homework so sincerely, I couldn’t care less what your opinion was on how should I study for my after brake exam.  If you dare to complain well lets just be proper and say you can expect nothing from me. Sincearly it annoys me how teachers think we have to be all for school 24/7 seriously I have a freaking life you guys…

Well moving on from all this homework madness, today Im leaving for St Barts. I’ve never went but they told me it is beautiful. As I packed I totally freaked out, I didn’t know what to take. Finally I took only the basics, because it is an excuse to buy more clothes when I travel. I am ready to relax and the next time I post it will be in a beautiful island thousands of miles away.

Love, Millie